Themes for Christmas and Year 2020 — Version 2.1.2 launched

I know there may be nobody visiting our site, but I still want to say something anyway.

It’s a tough year for us in 2019… Post-U is developed and improved little by little, by our tiny team — only 3 people in our studio. We try our best to make the product unique and creative, I think we’re making it, little by little, more and more. However we don’t have money to promote it, to pay advertisement… People always pay attention to the majority popularity, fewer would care about the emerging faint new products…

Anyway, new year is coming, we would try our best to fight for the future.


The release for Christmas and Year 2020 — Version 2.1.2 is launched, hope you enjoy it!

Also we’ve published some theme packages related to human basic feelings: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.

We need to express our feelings more vividly, by all means. That’s very important for better communication and understanding.

Wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy the holiday and Cheers up!

Themes for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and more — Version 2.1.1 launched

In Sept. 2019 we release the Version 2.1.0, which provides some awesome features including Checklisk, Folders and iCloud Support.

Now in November the release of Version 2.1.1 is launched, with some seasonable themes for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and others.

Further more, we will publish new themes every week on a topic or more.

So stay tuned, and if having any great idea or feedback, don’t be hesitate to let us know.

Thank for your support now and in the coming days.

Wish you all the best, for Thnaksgiving and forever.

Release v2.0.0

Hello everyone,

v2.0.0 is launched.

In this version you have amazing themes to use, and more are on the way. Now post your friends with awesome themes!

Also many improvements are made in the new release.

Hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.

Release v1.4.0 — Enhanced reminder launched

Hey folks,

A good news for you who need enhanced reminder when time is up.

In this version we launch this feature — enhanced reminder. Now the reminder is double secured by iPhone system calendar and enhanced reminder.

Also many improvements are made in the new release.

Hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.

Release v1.3.0

Now the release v1.3.0 is available.

You can send photos/pics by this version. Hope you enjoy it. Try it now!

Any feedback is warmly welcome. Thank you.

Release 1.2.0

New release is now available in App Store.

In this version you can login with your facebook or google account.

Any feedback is welcome.

Release v1.1.0

The release v1.1.0 is available now.

In this version you can send message to a group of friends. However, it’s not group chat, it just simply sends the message to the friends seperately.

You need to update your app to the latest version. Any feedback is welcome.

Release v1.0.3

New Release Today!

In this version you will find helpful features of copy/paste, forward come true. And more you can edit before forwarding for Premium.

The French and German support are available in this release.  Several European countries are open to access now. Hope you enjoy it.

Next release forecast: Group reminder will be launched in near future.

Stay tuned.


the colors of emotion


Release v1.0.2

Nowadays photos occupy everywhere
Showing the world in visual
However it is the words
That could touch your soul
Come exploring the fun of words art
Just in Post-U


In this release, you’ll find:

+New features:
1. Guest tour: Before Sign-up, guest can use the app solely to experience it.
2. You can set the custom font size when inputting.
3. Notification settings: You can set notification mode (sound & vibration) when online.

+New appearance
1. The Sign-in interface changes to bright style.

+Bug fixes.


Hope you enjoy it.