Release v1.0.2

Nowadays photos occupy everywhere
Showing the world in visual
However it is the words
That could touch your soul
Come exploring the fun of words art
Just in Post-U


In this release, you’ll find:

+New features:
1. Guest tour: Before Sign-up, guest can use the app solely to experience it.
2. You can set the custom font size when inputting.
3. Notification settings: You can set notification mode (sound & vibration) when online.

+New appearance
1. The Sign-in interface changes to bright style.

+Bug fixes.


Hope you enjoy it.


Hello world!

Welcome to the new world!

Post-U is launched this month,  to explore a new way of communication.

Besides contents, the form is very important and reckoned to make the expression rich,  vivid and precise.

The form includes fonts, size, colors, layouts and factors that make people express better.

What Post-U provides, is the new style of expression, colorfully and charming.

Hope you enjoy it, and any feedback is welcome and highly appreciated.

Post-U: Chat in colors